Sunday 30 October 2011

Stash Note 34

The last time I had a manic glee on my face was when the Eternal Maker had the entire new Ruby Star Spring collection before anybody had it in the US. That was at the Quilt Festival in Birmingham. I was literally bouncing up and down with joy and glee.

This week I was doing cartwheels (in my mind only though) when I saw the the regular newsletter from the fabulous Seamstar here in the UK. They sort of casually mentioned that they had new fabric. I wasn't really expecting anybody in the UK to stock 'Echo' by Lotta Jansdotter. But low and behold Seamstar has the entire collection weeks before the US is to receive them where the on-line stores give arrival dates of November and December. Lotta lives in New York and is of Swedish heritage. Her design have unsurprisingly Scandinavian influence.
She's got a great website, on- line shop and has also published a book. Go and check her out.

I love this collection. It is fresh, different and light and is suitable for all sort of sewing. Quilts of course but I see also dresses and skirts.


  1. What an amazing stash of beautiful fabric you have! I look forward to seeing what you make from this luscious pile!

  2. I saw some of this in Eternal Maker this week, it's really lovely x

  3. I was thinking about that one when I saw it in seamstar, it does look great.

  4. Oh that's so gorgeous! I'm soooo tempted to order some

  5. You lucky thing!! this has been on my list for a while....I feel my computer might be ordering for me again :)

  6. love that line! i think i will cave one of these days and get me some..


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