Saturday 29 October 2011

Brit Bee blocks

Brit Bee is on its sixth month or so and Miss October is Laura who incidentally is also the instigator of this wonderful Bee. Laura trusted us with her stash of Hope Valley which is as you know very precious to me. So precious in fact that I failed so far to do anything with my stash other than stroke and gaze at it (yes I do know this is not only sad but weird too !).

Laura's theme was stars which is a great theme as there are so many fantastic star pattern in the quilting world. I had set my sight on paper piecing two of the stars from the Summer Sample Series.

 This first Star is the 'Rocky Road to Kansas' star which I did scrappy with a contrasting white background.

 And the second one is the 'Arkansas Traveller. I am really glad I did the stars in this way although hit meant that I had to asked Laura for some more white fabric.. I hope she like them !

September was the Susan's month and she spoiled us all by sending us pre-cut fabric curtesy of her Aqua Quilt Baby Go. The fabric was wonderful to play with and alhtough we had to option of asymetric circles I stuck to symetric ones. I didn't get the curves a 100 % flat on these which was really annoying given that I have sewn rather a lot of curves over the past year.
Check out Susan's blocks for Laura - they are stunning.


  1. Great stars!
    November's fabric have gone postal this morning x

  2. Great blocks Judith, really love that Arkansas traveller :-)

  3. Those top two blocks are really...really cool!

  4. So sorry I missed this post.... the blocks are super-duper-fantastic! I've had a go at the arkansas traveller before and failed pretty badly so I know how much hard work and effort you put into these. Thankyou so so much ♥

  5. I think your blocks are wonderful, the ones you did for me and the amazing stars you did for Laura. Thanks for mine!


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