Friday 10 June 2011

Stash Note 17

An overdue stash note is to come but first a little bit of housekeeping. First of all I would like to thank all of you for your inspiring suggestions for my new commission. They were really helpful and I have already set in motion to add a bit of texture to the selection of red with some shott cottons from Oakshott. I am also grateful for your comments regarding my 'Laugh and Happiness' quilt that is intended for my mother. In a couple of weeks time I will travel home and will find out if she likes it (if I have quilted it by then.......). So I keep you all posted.

But now to the all important stash note. What I would like to share with you is the arrival of some rather sumptuous voile. I ordered the entire Prince Charming collection by Tula Pink (8 prints) and all the Loulouthi prints by Anna-Maria Horner I could get my hands on from Fabricworm (4 out of 6). Two prints are out of stock and will be back mid months, unfortunately the most spectacular prints of the collection. You may wonder why I ordered voile instead of the quilt weight collections. To be honest I am not so sure but when I order the last Anna-Maria Horner Collection 'Innocent Crush' I was a little disappointed because I think it isn't a very coherent collection in terms of colour. I used it in my 'Cranberry Crush quilt' and am very happy with the result but if I had to order it again I would not. So I was a bit apprehensive when the new collection came out last week. Though I have to say it is growing on me steadily the more often I see it and I probably will order it anyway. But I thought rather than jumping on the bandwagon without thinking (yes I am guilt of that all to often) I check out the voiles  instead. And when I went onto the Fabricworm voile section I was struck by how well the Prince Charming voile compliments the Loulouthi set so I ordered these too. I might wait for the two missing prints before making a quilt but I might add some of the other voile I have .... I am rather impatient to cut into this goodness but on the other hand need to finish a few other bits and bobs first.
Happy sewing weekend everybody.


  1. I love those turquoises, and I have a couple of mini bundles of Oakshott cottons waiting for a 'mission' x

  2. Pretties and good luck with your commission. You are going to do a fabulous job!


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