Friday 4 March 2011

Needles and Lemons on-line shop

............. is now open for business and can be found on my etsy page here or via the button on the sidebar of my blog.

I'd like to explain a little why I have decided to sell some of my quilts. I suppose one doesn't really have to explain this as it maybe rather obvious. But it actaully isn't quite that simple. I love my quilts, each and every one of them and I find it hard to part with them. Believe me it is a bit like giving something away from me. But at the same time I get a very warm and fuzzy feeling when I know that somebody owns one of my quilts and loves it as much as I do. Another reason is simply that I can't possible keep all of them as I just don't have the space. Living in London means living in small spaces and my house really is just a cottage.

So far I have listed 3 quilts (lucky me one of them already sold). 
In the coming weeks I will also list patterns for the 'Cranberry Crush', ' Sleeping Beauty' and  'Meadow and Bees'. However before I inflict these on anybody to buy I would love to road test them, so if you are interested in a free pattern and the chance to tell tell me that I did it all wrong.............then please get in touch with me via e-mail:

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