Saturday 26 August 2017

A red pullover

I love colour in my quilts but also in my wardrobe and I wear it a lot too. I have bright green trousers that I wear happily to work and an all yellow trouser suit. Colour makes me feel good and brightens up the day. And its no different with my knits. I looked at my wardrobe a while back and thought I need a red jumper. And so I knitted a red jumper.

The pattern I chose is again from 'La maison Rililie" and is called "Dessine-moi un mouton". This is the second pattern I have knitted from 'La maison Rililie" after the funky Grandpa cardigan from last year. I love those patterns. They are wonderfully detailed and written with real skill and love to the job. And I have become quite obsessed with top-down knits.


This pattern has a wealth of detail and gave me again a chance to learn a few new techniques such as the wonderful finishing at the cuffs.

I used "Holst" yarn but not the Supersoft version that is used in the pattern, instead I knitted Coast which is half merino and half cotton as I intend to wear this jumper in Spring and Autumn when it is a little cold but not too cold. The yarn is very thin and runs at 350 meters per 50 gr. which is why I knitted it double and mixed two different reds to get a light heathered look. The colours I used are "Rosehip" and "Poppy" and both were bought online at Tangled Yarn here in the UK.

This yarn is fairly inexpensive and has a lot of fans but I yet have to wash the sweater and am a little apprehensive whether it shrinks. I did knit a swatch and washed it by hand in fairly hot water and I observed no discernible shrinkage. The yarn knitted very well but breaks quite easily. I have worn the sweater several times and it feels very good and soft on the skin.

There is so much I love with this jumper, the two colours, the edge finishings that are knitted with just the darker red, the yoke with the unusual raglan shape, the cuffs ....

The only other change (apart from the yarn) I made to the pattern, is that I omitted the raw neckline for a more finished refined look.

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