Tuesday 16 August 2016

A Day to Remember Shawl

I took a break from knitting linen sweaters and finished a pretty scarf the other day. This is such an easy going knit and extremely portable which is a must for a frequent traveller.

The pattern is from Joji Locatelli and is called "A day to remember" . It basically is knitted throughout in garter stitch with a yarn over row thrown in between every 10 rows or so.

I am not the biggest fan of garter stitch but must admit it makes sense in scarves and shawls simply because you don't have a right and wrong side and it makes them a little more squishy.

I knitted in a heavy lace (the pattern is written for lace but easily adaptable in terms of yarn size) and used a wonderful merino/tussah silk yarn from Miss Babs in a light yellow called "Light Peeps". This yarn in hand dyed and Miss Babs has the most gorgeous colours in their repertoire.

The  yarn  is ever so slighted variegated and varies between a deep yolk yellow to a very light washed out yellow and all of this adds tons of interest to the scarf.

The scarf is meant to be around 72in x 16 1/2in after blocking but I kept going for a little while longer as simply wanted to use up both skeins I had. That added one more garter/yarn over block to it basically and probably extended it to 80in or something. It fits now comfortable twice around my neck which is how I like it best.

And another doughnut photo to finish up.

Happy stitching and knitting everybody.

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