Wednesday 22 January 2014

New Cushions for the house

I woke up the other day thinking I need a sofa cushion change. Do you sometimes wake up like that ?

So I looked at my fabric stash and unearthed a set of coffee/farming themed cotton/linen panels that I bought ages ago from Etsy (not available anymore). I just love when you buy something knowing you will use it for something special.

I have seen these panels used as totes and also as cushions and they actually make a perfect 45 cm cushion cover. The bottom cushion cover is larger and I used a home decor newspaper print that I bought at Tikki across the road.

And they are perfect for me because I love a good coffee and I am a total coffee snob. I don't smoke (anyymore) and I don't drink (anymore) buy I do appreciate a good coffee.  I don't have a fancy espresso machine at home but I do use fresh beans and have a coffee grinder and I make my espresso in a box-standard Italian stove top and froth my milk for my morning latte in a milk foamer from Nespresso. They are really good.

When I am out and about I go out of my way to find a good coffee bar or cafe and only go to some of the well known chains in total coffee emergencies.

How about you ? Are you as difficult when it comes to coffee as I am ? By the way I also love tea but that is another story for another day.


  1. I am a coffee wimp - I actually like the chain coffee places because their coffee basically doesn't taste of coffee - I can't take the hard stuff! Love a good tea though. The pillows look fab!

  2. after living in Melbourne for 8 years I am a total coffee snob, which doesn't bode well for life in Indonesia! The best I can get here is Starbucks - and it pains me to say that!!

  3. I'm a weakling when it comes to coffee, short shot of expresso first thing or americano later in the day.

  4. Total coffee snob here! Love the cushions, perfect use for those panels.


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