Friday 8 November 2013

Field Study Churn Dash - a finished single quilt

A few days ago I finished this quilt and it is already on its way to my customer in Germany.  This was fun and I love how the quilt came together. There were a few design considerations because initially I thought to use the text fabric for the inside of the blocks until I realized that it would have made the quilt way to busy.

This is a single quilt (2m x 1m) which is an usual size for me and not that easy to photograph as I don't have walls around me that are over two 2 meter high and on which I could hang the quilt.

I quilted in double lines along the seams of each square to achieve a nice cross hatch. I think this quilt would have benefited also from in-the-ditch quilting as the front is fairly busy and it would have achieved a single crosshatch on the back too.

The back is 'Pretty Bird' in spice from the  'Pretty Bird by Pillow and Maxfield Spice Group' collection for Michael Miller (here). I don't think this print is available anymore. I used it once before as a quilt back and love how striking it is.

The churn dash blocks were arrange so that a darker and a lighter block are placed consecutively and from each fabric combination I made four blocks but with interchanging fill of the half square triangles and rectangles. This stops the quilt from being to riotous in its colour combinations.

This is such a great block and I love that the half square triangles give it a spiky look. This should make for a great quilt class too in the new year.


  1. It looks stunning, love those filled middles x

  2. I love churn dashes and your colours and placement work so well with the text background. A beautiful quilt!

  3. This looks wonderful...great fabrics

  4. This is perfect. The fabrics looks so great against the texty background.

  5. SUCH a fabulous quilt. I love the texture it has and that background--superb!


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