Friday 6 September 2013

Visiting an old friend of mine

Remember this quilt ?  I finished my Single girl quilt in April 2011 but whilst doing it had decided that I wasn't going for a king sized one and kept some of the pieces aside for a smaller baby sized quilt.

So the other day I got the urge to revisit the single girl pattern by Denyse Schmidt and started stitching. I so love this pattern and the quilt I originally made is a much loved sofa companion of mine. The solids I am using in this quilt are Klona and were in fact the first fabric giveaway I had ever won ! Klona (not Kona) is available here in the UK at Backstitch. They have a wonderful array of colours and whilst the fabric is at first a little tougher to the touch than Kona it becomes after a few washes very soft and smooth.

Happy weekend stitching is coming up.


  1. I love the single girl pattern - I never found a copy! Would you consider selling yours when you've finished with it??

    1. Gil,

      it is available for purchase directly from Denyse Schmidt and I have put a link on my blog post to the side.
      It is also available from Pink Chalk Fabric
      and lily Bella fabrics and I am sure quite a few other shops too.

  2. Lovely! I really like using Klona, the stiffness makes everything more stable to sew, and after washing, as you say, it softens up a treat xxx

  3. The neutral is brilliant against the brighter solids! Looks great.

  4. Those are very fun blocks, it will be a lovely quilt.


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