Tuesday 2 July 2013

Vintage ladies and other precious prints

I do have a large stash of Melody Miller prints. I admit to it and I also admit that I should be doing more with my stash other than stroking it. To be fair, I made several bags and also one gorgeous quilt with Ruby fabric but I could do more.

So the other day when I unpacked my Melody Miller treasures I decided to start a new quilt made entirely of her fabric with a few bright solids added for good measure.

Still cutting and sewing....


  1. Oooooh! This is going to be gorgeous! And really, what better use for all of those fun MM prints than a happy quilt. Is this one you'll be keeping for yourself?

  2. I shall be watching this with interest as I have somehow committed to a Melody quilt for my favourite sister - I promised it some months ago and have been too busy with other projects to start it - or so I keep telling myself!!

  3. I could just stare at this picture all day...well done for cutting into them...


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