Friday 19 April 2013

Did you see the pair of pink panthers ?

Normally I would say in the header something along the lines of 'Pink Panther - a finished quilt' but I can't really do that because I finished two Pink Panther quilts !

Number one:

and number two:

So this is what happened. You know when I said in my last post that I had a huge pile of the blocks. Well huge doesn't really cut it. I started laying them out and realised that this was not gonna be a little baby quilt but either a small single or God knows what. So I simple decided to make two baby quilts which would be great for twins !

I can't tell you how much fun I had making these quilts. It was so liberating using all these fabric almost at random and even more so adding from my stash. In actual fact this was my first "foray" into scrap territory which in the past I have studiously avoided because I have never seen the attraction to handle a loat of scrap pieces. I was wrong; this is fun !

I quilted one of the pair in double diagonals and one in double square lines. Each uses a print from Aneela Hoey's very first fabric line 'Sherbet Pips' for the backing. This works perfectly as the collection itself features pink rather liberally.

There are so many pieces in these two quilts that I love. There are the balloons and the dress from 'Children at Play', there is some 'Far Far away' in there and would you believe it some Liberty tana lawn too, lots of strips and dots and little animals, text prints and chevron.....

The quilts are 42" x 36" and can be found under this listing in my Etsy shop. So what do you think are the chances somebody buys them for twin boys...... :-)


  1. Brilliant - knew you would embrace the pink in the end! x

  2. Both of them are darling! You are onto a good thing with scraps. I love making scrap quilts ; )

  3. Brilliant! So different from your usual stuff :-) not that your usual stuff isn't brilliant .... Oh shut up Pennie, stop digging now..... :-)

  4. beautiful nd so perfect for twins, for sure.

  5. These are both absolutely stunning Judith, i love them! If I get pregnant with twins I know where to come ;o)

  6. These are lovely! I loved looking at all the different fabrics in them, and the Sherbet Pips backing.


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