Sunday 24 March 2013

Stash Note 79

I love the colour blue but sadly this isn't a colour featured often in any fabric collection let a lone one that is devoted to it. My 'Hey Ho Sailor' quilt that I made in Nov 2011 is still one of my favorite makes and actually the only one that I still have a longing for (I sold it to a very good friend and it now resides in New Zealand). I have therefore started to collect the same fabrics again and have almost enough for an entire quilt that will then be just for me.

But the other day I actually came across a blue and white fabric collection that took my breath away and I clicked the buy button without hesitation.

Meet 'Ravena' by 'Dear Stella':

The fabric line is inspired by vintage textiles and hand-stamped patterns from India but it also reminds me of Dutch tiles somehow.

I am going to combine it with Kona nightfall for a large all blue and white quilt. Isn't this a beautiful collection ?

'Ravena' was bought at Fabricworm and Kona Nightfall at the Village Haberdashery. 


  1. lovely... have fun working with them x

  2. I saw them the other day and fell hard for them, too. Just checked out the other quilt. That backing is delicious. Time to pinch pennies again.

  3. Those blues are beautiful! Your quilt is going to be so fresh. I can't wait to see it!


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