Sunday 10 February 2013

Stash Note 76

I am taking a leaf out of Rita from Red Pepper quilt and ordered a bunch of striped vintage linen fat quarters. I have long been smitten with these fabrics and have been keen to get my hands on them. Oh and they are so so soft.

I rather like the idea that these fabrics have been bed linens in their former life and will in actual fact be made into a quilt that might end up on a bed again - sort of full circle.

Some Blues and some multis.

These were bought at thoughandfound and shabby sheets. Both are Etsy shops.


  1. Love those stripes! So lovely to think they will be returning to bed tops soon.

  2. Lovely fresh spring colours :)

  3. love the stripes, fresh and bright.

  4. Hey, I recognize some of those! ;) How fun to see them added to your collection! You perfectly describe my reason for collecting vintage sheets: I love the idea of them finding their way back onto a bed, but in a new form. I look forward to seeing how these will be reborn. :)


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