Friday 11 January 2013

Echino lap top cover

Way before Christmas an school friend of my sister contacted me and asked if I could make here a laptop cover similar to the one I made for my neighbor.

We chatted a bit via e-mail and she gave me her favourite colours. I ordered a few linen/cotton prints and we eventually settled on the turquoise Echino Insect print I ordered a few weeks ago.

This is a cover for a big laptop and I padded the outer and inner fabric to give it enough protection. Normally if I don't have the laptop at hand I make myself an exact carton copy but in this case I happen to have a carton that had by chance the precise measurements.
The inside is a Kaffe Fasset purple/white dot number that compliments the purple of the outer fabric. 

The flap has a long velcro strip to close.

I really love this cover and might just have to make myself a similar one for my i-pad.
This one will be of to Germany in a few days.


  1. It is gorgeous Judith - I love that Echino print and dot you used.

  2. Beautiful, love both fabric selections, they work perfectly together! : )

  3. I love the fabric - have not seen this one before and the lining works so well. My laptop has been around the world a few times with a sad BOUGHT cover and I do realize that this 'pop' of colour would have been a lovely companion. You have inspired me!


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