Friday 7 December 2012

Dr. Seuss at dinner

 First of all I want to thank everybody who commented on my zick-zack quilt here on the blog, flickr and twitter. I think I have never had such a great response to a quilt I made before and I am truly grateful. But the show must go on and there are still a few more things to finish before Christmas.

My lovely neighbor asked me to make a couple of place-mats for her two adorable children. They are all massive fans of Dr. Seuss and so dived into my dwindling Seuss stash and got on sewing.

Not long after I had those little beauties which I hope will make meal times a lot more fun at their house.


  1. Oh - I love these - and the fabric is wonderful.

  2. Sew cute! My oldest son (age 22) loves Dr. Seuss. He's trying to collect all the books. Such cute fabric.


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