Sunday 28 October 2012

Stash Note 69

Hello everybody. Have you changed your clocks  back yet ? I almost forgot that it was this weekend.
So how about a little stash note to cheer us up. Today's is all about sewing and embroidery definitions and instructions.

These two prints here are from the new Sweetwater collection 'Mama Said Sew'. I was reading about these tiny text prints a few month ago. Sweetwater have used this print in a previous collection called 'Authentic' and this print was by far the most popular and sought after.  I can see why; first of all because it is a text print and secondly because it is tiny writing. This version here gives you encyclopedic definitions of all things sewing. Isn't that a great idea ? The background colour is not white but a light beige colour.

Next is Polka Dots Stitches in Blue, grey and Red. These are all by Lori Holt for Riley Blake.

These prints will show you how to embroider and again the background colour is not white but a very light cream.

These prints can be found at Tiki Patchwork here in the UK and Fat Quarter Shop, Pink Castle Fabrics and Hawthorn Threads in the US.


  1. Oh my, I was really confused there for a minute. In the US, (you know the colonies) we change back NEXT weekend.

  2. Oh I have some of these, great stuff x

  3. Ha ha! ditto on what Gene said!!I want those fabrics!


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