Tuesday 23 October 2012

Oh deer - a finished quilt

And another finished quilt. May I share with you my latest strip quilt that I finished in a whirl wind last Saturday before taking of for a couple of days to Santorini. Thanks to the wonders of scheduling I should still be in what looks like a very rainy Greece when you read this (umpf...). Well I haven't been away since February this year and I am determined to enjoy myself for a few days no matter what the weather is going to be.

'Oh deer' is the new line from Momo for Moda and I love its colours, so saturated and warm. They are just the right shades and depth for Autumn.

I quilted in double diagonal lines in the same way as 'When Lucy met Daisy'.
This gives the quilt another dimension in addition to the horizontal strips.

What I love so much with the collection is that we have small and large prints in addition to stripes that really come into their own as a jelly role strip. But my favourite print has got to be the little deer print. The figures are tiny and even on the small 2 1/2 width strip you get a lot of repetitions. 

I stayed with the woodland theme for the quilt back and dug out a rather precious print of which I bought several yards 2 years ago. This is spotted owl in smoke by Alexander Henry. I know the quilt cotton designers have meanwhile moved on from owls and foxes to crabs but I still think this is one of the best animal prints that has ever been made.

For the binding I chose a stripy number in white and red to offset both, the quilt front and back.


  1. It is gorgeous, bright and fun and the backing has been well used. Just lovely!

  2. beautiful... and warm I would think, what fun to have it on your knee and "spot" the different fabrics and patterns xx

  3. It's beautiful. I'm about to back my son's quilt with those owls so it's brilliant to see them "in action"

  4. I just live this fabric line. Your strip quilt turned out lovely. I hope Santorini brightened up and stopped raining.

  5. Gorgeous bright colours, it's really lovely.

  6. Such a happy quilt! I think I may buy some of this for my SIL for her birthday

  7. I love those deer too. Hope you found some sunshine x


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