Thursday 20 September 2012

Of Lavender sashes

...and listed craft items in the shop (see below for discount info).

A few of you asked me last week after I posted about my craft fair experience about the lavender sashes.

I forgot to take a photo of them but if you look at the above shot of the stand you will see to the left a basket with said precious and oh so valuable lavender sashes.

When I started preparing I wasn't really thinking of doing lavender sashes but I had a large bag of lavender that I bought in France a while ago and when Tina from my LQS told me in no uncertain terms that sashes would be a must to have for the show I folded. She suggested to use this lovely London fabric as it might appeal greatly to tourists. Tina also advised that it would be enough to but a few spoons full of lavender in the sashes and fill the rest with toy filling because this would make them nice and squishy.

I followed her advice except the toy filling as I had enough lavender and I thought if I do them then I really want them to be very fragrant. And that actually worked, well that and the price of 1 for 3 or 2 for 5. A lot of people bought them because they loved the fabric and others were attracted by the lavender fragrance surrounding my stall. 

I said they are easy money in these circumstances and that is exactly what they are. I had 20, gifted one to my first customers, sold 19 and made thus in the region of 50 to 55 GBP. You can't say no to that !

I also have managed  to put up all the i-pad and kindle covers, the frame purses and the bags in the shop. Unfortunately I can't put a discount in the shop for specific sections, it is either each item or nothing. So what I have done instead is reduce the prices outright by 20 % on all craft stall items (a little less on the bags as the margins are rather tight with those). This is easier than refunding on the original price etc.

So if you were keen on a few of the things then please have a look.
Thank you all for your support over the past weeks, it meant a lot to me and really helped with this little adventure. 


  1. interesting about toy stuffing, Tobias and the Angel use bran and lavender mixed.

  2. I can see the sachets being a good earner - some people want to buy a little hand made something but are not willing to stretch to a purse or cover. They are excellent stocking fillers so maybe if you do a Christmas fair you would sell even more sachets because of their size!

  3. Hope you manage to sell everything in Etsy :-)

  4. Like Pennie I hope you manage to sell the rest on Etsy. I'm just going over to have a look as I know how great your stitching and quilting really is. See you soon.


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