Sunday 15 July 2012

Stash Note 60

Good morning everybody on this so far dry Sunday morning. Let me share with you a few text prints I recently purchased. You know something to feed all our obsessions just that little bit more.

These two beauties are a cotton linen mixture and were bought on Etsy at this delightful shop here 


The one with the graph paper is a panel and also has below Journal de Paris on it.
Love !


  1. hope you are going to follow the instructions and make a paper plane! a boat and a crane !

  2. You've done it now, you've finally tipped me over the edge... Every week you tempt me to spend more money, and I almost always manage to hold back though it gets harder each time... but stuff that, this time I'm shopping!!! (Impeccable taste dear, impeccable)

  3. I love those! I wonder what you will use them for. They are beautiful.

  4. Thanks for blogging about the fabric, Judith.
    Glad you like it!

    Gin. :)

  5. What lovely fabrics - would look great on a tote!

  6. ooo thanks for the link! Lovely fabrics!


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