Sunday 26 February 2012

Stash Note 47

I think many of you will know this fabric line. It is 'Katie Jump Rope' by the very talented Denyse Schmidt. It came out before I started quilting and over the past 2 years (God has it been that long) I have often longed to have some of this myself.

It is still available but has become increasingly rare and I just could not be asked to piece from several suppliers a fat quarter set together. On top of that I refuse to pay silly prices.

I came across this great shop called 'Blije Olifantje' while browsing one day and saw that they actually had fat quarter sets of Katie Jump rope with a decent selection at fairly good prices.
So I ordered it and was really chuffed when it arrived. I love the colours, they are so vibrant and so me.

The shop is fantastic and they have a great selection of prints including lots of Japanese imports. Go check it out.


  1. Lucky you! They are wonderful fabrics!! I don't have any in my stash either! I think I need some though!

  2. Lovely - I have bought from that shop too - recommended x

  3. Thanks for the tip, I'll hop over and have a look. :-)

  4. An evil evil stash note! ;) I adore Katie Jump Rope and have been dying for some, but alas, my enormous stash is making me question the need for *another* "special" bundle. Kudos for willpower? Or being dumb? Only time will tell :)

  5. total stash envy...pretty much the shade of that top piece of fabric in the stack... :)

  6. Love the fabric, but I'm surprised you had such a good experience with the seller. I messaged her with a simple question about fabric and got my head ripped off. I'm a newbie and she made me feel like an idiot - was completely rude and condescending. I've actually told everyone I know to avoid her shop at all costs! It's a shame, because I agree she does carry great fabric. :(


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