Wednesday 11 January 2012

A finished 'Story in red and white'

Last Sunday I finally finished my 'A story in red and white' quilt and it is quite hard to find the right words to express how enormously happy I am with this quilt.

Last year July when I ordered my favorite 'Cranberry' red and 'White Sand' from Oakshotts I had a vague idea that I wanted to have a red and white sampler quilt. So I though the best method to go about it is to send each of the Brit Bee Ladies a fat quarter of each colour and ask them to make me two different blocks each. At that point we were only in the third or fourth months and I know that some weren't happy with the surplus of creative freedom I gave them but each and every fantastic Brit Bee Lady rose magnificently to the challenge and produced outstanding blocks.

The quilt albeit being 70 inch square in size feels is incredibly light as the shot cotton is so much lighter than normal quilting cotton; yet the quilt is very snuggly and is already on my bed. I figure that a Sampler quilt for adults is exactly what an "I spy" quilt is for children. I will never tire to look at this quilt and always spot a little new detail I admire.

Have a look at this beauty !

I contemplated forever about the quilting and  for a long time I was convinced that this quilt would be the first one I wanted free motion quilted by an expert but then a few weeks ago I grew uneasy with that idea as I really wanted to finish the quilt myself. And then all of a sudden the idea struck to quilt in straight lines beginning in the middle and fanning out to all four corners. This quilt lends itself ideally to this method as it it has a distinct centre with its 25 blocks.

I have never quilted this pattern before and was a bit apprehensive but all that vanished after the first  couple of "rows" - I knew this was perfect for the quilt and is so me. The back is a giant lock cabin that has as its centre all the signature blocks. The idea of the lock cabin came from Katy and I am ever so grateful for this as it fits the design and mood of the front perfectly.

And here it is already being used....

The binding was an easy choice this time. Because I sashed the blocks in 'White Sand' I wanted the binding to be in 'Cranberry' to offset all the white. Isn't the red lush ?

And now that you have seen this beauty I am sure you will want exactly one like it. So I give you the links to all the fabulous Ladies that helped me produce this. I am sure if you pay them well they will oblige :-) 

  • 4 and 7 are from the wonderful Hadley who apparently looks like Lady Gaga .... (blocks are contemporary to the bone, right up my street)
  • 5 and 15 are from the lovely Fiona (I love the tiny little white stars in the mass of red, so intricate !)
  • 9 and 18 are from our resident Canadian Susan (Look at the Canadian flag, isn't that fab !)
  • 13 and 14 are from the fantastic Ceri (look at optical illusion of block 13 I put right in the center of the quilt;  how clever and beautiful)
  • 2 and 11 are from our Brit Bee organiser herself the great Laura and she went through the trouble of making me a circular flying gees block (and that fulfilled one of my secret wishes for this quilt) !!
  • 6 and 10 are from the hilariously funny Sarah who lives up North on the windy Shetland Islands (look at the Japanese Taube Quilt block No 10 !) 
  • 19 and 24 are from the superbly talented Trudi who produced such a great wonky strip block
  • 8 and 23 are from Jo who blew me away with a Hexagon block (just like that !)
  • 1and 16 are from  Terri who has the best sense of humor ever and she made me the cutest little Smurvette block  No 16
  • 12 and 20 are from the lovely Judith from Belfast and she made a gorgeous Nautilus block . 
  • 25 and 22 are from the super talented Jennie who actually made me a redwork embroidery block from a picture I sent her from my front door.
  • 3, 17 and 21 are from me

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  1. Oh you have turned this into the most amazing quilt - I am so proud to be part of it - the blocks look stunning together!
    And the quilting and backing are perfect too.

  2. This is so cool! The quilting is amazing! Would it be ok if I got included in the list too?? Pleeease! Jxo

  3. Judith, it's divine! It has all come together so fantastically, the sashing and binding and backing and quilting.... They just look superb!

  4. Judith and also Jennie I am so sorry that I forgot you on the original list have corrected it now. Everybody should be on it now. If I made anymore mistakes then please let me know. Christ it must be old age or something.....

  5. I am blown away by how beautiful this quilt is. And thrilled that I am a small part of it. You did such a fabulous job of bringing all those blocks together and the quilting is incredible too. Love it!!

  6. Oh! It is absolutely Gorgeous! Your quilting looks amazing! What a fantastic quilt!

  7. Wow! Its fantastic! So pleased to be part of it, its a beauty :-) The quilting looks perfect, really suits it. Love it!

  8. It is a gorgeous quilt. It is times like these that really stir my desire to be a Brit!!!

  9. Totally gorgeous!! So striking, I love that Cranberry :)

  10. It is beautiful, and the quilting is perfect. Also, the back is wonderful and you have managed to line it up perfectly with the quilting - wonderful!

  11. Wow, it looks absolutely amazing! The white sashing was the perfect choice. If mine looks half as great I'll be thrilled!

  12. Gorgeous! I am SO making a red and white quiilt now. Well done x

  13. I absolutely love everything about this quilt!

  14. I am so green with envy at this amazing quilt. You did a great job quilting it yourself. May it bring you many years of happy snuggling!

  15. How chuffed am I to be part of this?!!! You did a fab job Judith, I love the quilting, I love the sashing and the binding, it's all brill! x

  16. Truly fabulous quilt and everyone involved did an excellent job!

  17. Lovely red and white quilt!! great job!! hugs


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