Friday 2 December 2011

Stash Note 38

Some more additions to my stash of useful and beautiful blenders.
I was looking for some more Pearl Brecelet prints from Lizzy House when I came across Carolyn Gavin's Wild Thyme and some Khristian Howell prints that miraculously all worked brilliantly together.

The prints in this image are all from Carolyn Gavin's Wild Thyme collection.
From left to right, Pod in blue, red, orange, green and brown.

From left to right again.
Lizzy House, Pearl Bracelet in Feather and Pond.
Khristian Howell, Tiles in Rust and Verte from the Moroccan Mirage collection.

With the exception of the blue Wild Thyme print all where bought at sewfreshfabric. The blue 'Wild Thyme' print was ordered at Sew Me Happy here in the UK.

These cute text prints are from the new collection 'Meet the Gang' by Creative Thursday.
Left to right are' Friends' in teal, green and yellow

More Pearl Bracelet from Lizzy House' new 'Outfoxed 'collection in yellow, red and light orange (although that to me is a soft peach).

And because I just could not leave this one out, Flour Sacks from Floursack by Windham.
These were all bought at sewfreshfabric.


  1. how did I miss those flour sacks? I just ordered from SFF.

  2. Ooh I have some of the sacks too - cool huh!

  3. I am drooling over your pearl bracelets! I really want the whole collection!

  4. Oh, lovely fabrics! I have the wanties!!

  5. Have some of the wild thyme in blue but now am wanting the orange! Love the pearl bracelets too!
    And the text fabric! And the tiles! All of it really!


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