Friday 18 November 2011

Stash Note 36

The colours of this fabric are so warm and inviting that I can't stop looking at it (and stroking it). Given that I am rather surprised it took me so long to order it. You see I wasn't convinced at the beginning when I saw 'Heirloom' by Joel Dewberry, it sort of was to pink for me. But when I looked at the separate colour ways it was a whole different ball game (for me anyway). The fabric you see here is the 'Citrine' pallet that I ordered at Moona Fabrics.

There is something about this colour-way that is fresh yet very warm.

This print is my favourite. It is vibrant and reminds of a trip a few years ago to Marrakesh.
It brings up images of Moroccan tiles.


  1. I have a fq bundle of it too and I can't stop stroking and admiring it. Think I've finally decided on the pattern I want to use and I can't wait to get cutting a sewing. My favourite is the paisley print.

  2. This is lovely! Would love some of this myself!

  3. I love this fabric so much too, mine has already made it into a quilt, and I'm loving piecing it!

  4. I love this collection. Ordered the ruby colourway about 5 seconds after first glance. Am making it into a quilt now. The prints are bigger than i thought and have never worked with large prints but i am very happy with what it is turning into. Would love to see what you make with it.

  5. I am in love with this collection too. And I think the Citrine colorway is my favorite. So yummy.


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