Monday 17 October 2011

Sugar and Spice - a finished quilt -

Yesterday I finished my Sugar and Spice quilt and I couldn't wait to share the pictures with you but by the time I had the last threads tied and buried in the quilt it was to dark. Luckily I have another week holiday this week so I took some photos this morning.
Prepare yourselves for an flood of photos.

First the top and back. The front you have already seen when I was constructing it but to recap this is made of half square triangles from the Sugar and Spice fabric collection from the Quilted Fish. The white halfs of the triangles are made from Kona white.

The colours of the collection I particularly loved where the green, aqua and red. I wasn't that fond of the softer pink parts and kept these to a minimum in the quilt.

For the back I used Kona Ash for the first time and am rather pleased how it offsets the two pieced strips I incorprated in the back. I quilted in straight lines along the squares thereby emphasising the pattern. I love how this shows most visible on the back of the quilt.

I infact was so fond of the squeeky fresh green that I decided to make that a feature of the binding and luckily my local quilt shop Tiki had just what the doctor prescribed. Look at that wonderful stripy green. Doesn't it remind you granny apples ? (Mind, I am more a breaburn kind of apple girl than a granny one come to think of it....).

The binding offsets the front and back perfect in my opinion and works so well with the Kona Ash.
I also changed my binding technique a bit. If you are a regular reader you probably know that I mostly machine stitch my bindings rather than machine stitch the binding onto the front and than handstitch it onto the back. I do this for several reasons. It saves time, doesn't kill my wrist and I think it looks really good. Normally I sew the binding onto the front and then fold it over to the back and then stitch it onto the back ensuring that the stitch line on the front is close to the binding. Recently I saw on a blog (sorry can't remember who) that it was done the other way around. So I tried it and must say I rather like the look of it and I find it easier on the whole.

And one can't go without a couple of lovely rolls.....

 And here the stats for anybody who is interested:

Size: 61 x 61 inches (1.55 m x 1.55 m)
Batting: Hobbs Heirloom 100% cotton
Quilting thread: Gutermann Sulky 30 in offwhite colour no 1071
HST: cut 72, 6 inch squares of patterned fabric and the same number of contrasting solid fabric
Binding: Sis Boom basics by Jennifer Paganelli for Free Spirit bought at Tikki Ltd. in Kew (but I bought it all ...sorry)

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The quilt can be found in my ETSY store. Sold


  1. Brilliant Judith! So bright and cheery! That's exactly how I stitch my bindings btw. I like the look of the stitch line on the front, and if you mess up a bit and don't get it as close to the stitch line, well hey, its on the back anyway!

  2. Oh so pretty to me!

    The green stripe binding completes the look!!

  3. This is gorgeous Judith! V.well done. Jxo

  4. Very beautiful quilt...congrats on your finish

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  6. This looks great and I love the Granny Smith binding!

  7. I am in love with that binding - and the rest of your quilt. They go together perfectly. We like Royal Gala from the shop and St Edmund's Pippin from the garden!

  8. SUCH a fan of a striped binding. I just love a great green! It's absolutely perfect.

  9. it looks wonderful, i like the pattern, your great fabric choices and of course the binding :-)
    apropos binding: sorry, i did not understand how you did it this time, could you explain that maybe a bit more?? i am an avid machine-binding person myself and always search for nicer ways to do that (by machine..).
    Viele Grüße von Claudia

  10. Hello! Came over from Lily's blogfest and glad I did. I do my bindings that way too and I think it's just fine and dandy!!! Love the colors and moderness of the quilt!!!

  11. Lovely fresh looking quilt, especially like the green and white touch! Thanks for sharing...
    Bye, Jay The Sewing Wren


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