Thursday 8 September 2011

Buttery Soft I

I have finished the Very Berry Quilt. Photos and a detailed report will be posted later in the week.
But I can already say now that it has turned out beautifully but I must admit it was a struggle.

So after having wrestled 18 square meter of fabric for what seems for ever I have an unbelievable urge for lightness and simplicity and I don't see that lessening any time soon. I am putting some of the other WIP (here and here)  on hold for a bit and will produce a series of small, light quilts.

After I finished 'Very Berry' last Saturday I moved straight onto my stash of cotton voile. Oh I love fingering this fabric. It is so buttery soft and flows through your hands like silk or water. I am not sure why I have put off to make a quilt from this fabric for so long but on Sunday it seemed the perfect time for it. So I quickly whipped up this quilt top here.

The voile fabric I used is mainly from new lines of Anna Maria Horner's 'Lou Lou Thi', Tula Pink's 'Prince Charming' and I added a bit of the wonderful 'Little Folks' line also from Anna Maria Horner.
I am keeping this quilt in the colour range of dark blues and turquoise with a dash of orange/red and lemony yellow for contrast.


  1. Lovely fabrics J, I've never worked with the voiles before. Jxo

  2. Never worked with voiles either - but you make it sound a pleasurable experience - do you need to adjust you tension on the machine?

  3. Glad you managed to get Very Berry quilted and done, cant have been easy! No wonder you had a hankering for voiles! lol Cant wait to see V.Berry :-)

  4. Really looking forward to seeing your 'monster' finished :) love the voiles, bright and wonderful!


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