Sunday 14 August 2011

Stash Note 25

For this Stash note is only one word necessary. Cool.

Cool because it is the new collection from Melody Miller 'Ruby Star Spring.'
Cool because it is another superb collection by the very talented Designer.
Cool because I am probably the only one who has a half meter of the entire collection in the UK
Cool because we in the UK actually have the entire collection before the US for a change
Cool because the Eternal Maker stock them
Cool because I bought it at the Quilt Festival on Thursday and met Terri and Ceri from the Brit BEE

Look at this gorgeousness. Aren't the colours fabulous !

 And this bee is just something else.


  1. Totally awesome :-) Love the colours, love the dragonflies, its a beautiful beautiful collection

  2. Cool indeed. I know that each morning and night it will have been stroked lovingly then put back to bed to rest!

  3. Americans are very jealous right now!!!

  4. FOQueen of Cool ... it is gorgeous ... that deep colourway is so rich and auberginey and yummy ...

  5. Am so annoyed I missed this!


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