Sunday 7 August 2011

Stash Note 24

Today I would like to share with you some fabric that isn't your typical quilting cotton. And it  perfectly fits with the release of issue No 6 from Fat Quarterly that is all about alternative fabrics.

The first stash item is this wonderful fabric that I bought in East London where I work around the area of Middlesex Street and Petticoat Lane Market. The area is home to a large number of African textile shops. I often roam these street but had not bought any fabric for quilting purposes there until last week. Often I find the prints to large or a little bit to traditional for a contemporary quilt.  But I came across a shop last week that had prints with smaller designs and this one here caught my attention in particular. The fabric is a 100 % cotton but is heavily starched which makes it feel rather stiff but softens considerable after a wash. The fabric is printed with a kind of wax technique and there can be small faults. The downside (is it really a downside ?) is that the fabric is only sold in larger quantities with the smallest being 3 yards, then 6 and then 10 yards. But none of this really matters because price is senational. I bought this 6 yard beauty for GBP 12 (in words twelve pounds).
I can't remember what the shop was called but if any of you wish to know I will find out when I have a wonder around there next time. The prints comes in various colours. 

Next of are those four fibrant hand printed pieces that I bought a while ago from Malka Dubrawsky at 'A stitch in dye'. Malka makes wonderful quilts in which she uses her own printed fabric and other quilting cottons together. She will have a fabric line coming out with Moda soon and I for one am keen to get my hands on the collection. I love hand printed fabric but they do have a price understandably.

And the last piece I'd like to share with you is also hand printed. This was bought in February this year in Stone Town on Zanzibar where I sometimes holiday. I love this print as it reminds me of coffee beans and that reminds me of spiced coffee at the Zanzibar coffee house and then I get what is called in German "Fernweh".

None of these prints have been made into something yet but I am sure inspiration will strike at the most unexpected moment.

Have a lovely week.


  1. You remind me of my own stash of African fabrics I have in a cupboard waiting to be used - so though I would love to visit that shop maybe I had better not!

  2. That top fabric would make a great border in a quilt.


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