Sunday 17 July 2011

Blocks upon blocks

Well it is Sunday morning again and looking back at the week I must say I have been busy. I made one mini quilt (blogged here), and six separate blocks which is not bad going for a week that has been busy otherwise too. I even managed to go the Theatre to the see the delightful Domic West in 'Butley' which was fantastic.

So let me share with you what I have been up to.

First up are this weeks blocks of the Summer Series Sampler QAL I joined. I am doing this with my stash of Moda Cross weave, some Essex linen and a few bits and pieces of shot cotton.  I love the colours and texture of the Cross weave because they are so soft and subtle yet intense. This has been really enjoyable so far, fairly easy blocks but next week I guess will be some paper piecing which will be a first for me. I joined the QAL because it offers the possibility of working with a variety of techniques and of course because I love a good sampler. Favourite block so far is the Mosaic block ( could it be because it is entirely made from HSTs......surely not !)


Star of Virgina

Greek Cross

Second up is Project 51 (or is it 57 ?) but I can't talk about it. First rule of project 51 is that you don't talk about project 51, the second rule of project 51 is: You do NOT talk about project 51..... 


  1. Mmnn I've taken a shine to the Summer Series Sampler QAL as well Judith, but as I'm already involved in making a sampler quilt with my LFS I'm watching quietly from the sidelines - aka lurking ha!

  2. Gorgeous blocks all round Mrs Moneypenny! Jxo

  3. I love your sampler blocks. The mosaic block is my favourite so far too. I'm hoping to get mine made today or tomorrow, and then there's another dancing chick for project 51 :)

  4. The summer sampler QAL is looking good! Wish I could commit to that as well as the two QALs, my goal of finishing my UFOs and all the other stuff!

  5. I love your fabric choice for the sampler blocks, the mosaic one is particularly fabulous! Nice P51's too :-)

  6. The Summer Sampler Series blocks are sooo pretty in the textured solids :)


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