Wednesday 20 July 2011

Advents calendar - June and July progress

I didn't do any stockings for the Advents calendar for my nephew in June so I had to do a double set this months. I also changed tack a bit and made them slightly larger than the first prototypes and I also used a collection of x-mas fabric from Michael Miller.

Eight down, 16 to go which makes it four for every month until November. Can you believe that it is already November in 4 months time......ugly ugly thought....
First post of my Advent calendar project can be found here.

June lot

July lot

Getting there


  1. Brilliant - I'm starting to worry about Christmas now!!

  2. They are so sweet. But now you have made me worry about starting on my Christmas stuff. I will continue to worry but also procrastinate as well and then the next time you update us on the advent in August I will go into a blind panic.

  3. Too cute! I'm already planning the projects for my Christmas classes - eeeeek! Jxo

  4. Lovely stockings - makes me think of a caterpillar or an octopus! Grin!

  5. these are adorable, makes me want to start making for christmas

  6. Gorgeous idea - you'll have them done in no time at the rate you are going!


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