Monday 30 May 2011

Brit Swap - first steps

I have joined in the Brit Swap organized by Lynn and a few other "Mamas". This came about through the newly set-up Brit Quilt flickr group that you can find by clicking on the button to the right of my blog or simply by clicking here.

For this swap we are making a mini quilt for a secret partner somewhere in the range of 12 x 12 to 24 x 24 inches. What is great and thanks goes to the organizers is that everybody had to fill in a questionnaire with likes and dislikes and in addition each participant had to make a flickr mosaic showcasing their favourite and inspirational crafty things. Of course all in aid for the secret partner to get it right because there is nothing worse than receiving a gift that one really doesn't like. Everybody is putting in a lot of work and I think if you do that then you want to try and get it as right as possible and all the preparation of making mosaics and questionnaires really helps. Still a lot of pressure.......

After having brewed on my secret partners likes and dislikes for the best part of two weeks I came up with this design. This is inspired by the "Charlotte Sometimes" quilt from Sarah Fielke which is a quilt I will do one day as it has just the right amount of appliqué for my liking and it is pretty contemporary.  The "Charlotte Sometimes" quilt itself is inspired by a Burgoyne Surrounded quilt which is quite an old traditional quilt pattern but used in a modern way here.

This here is the fabric I am using. Yes you see right there is some batic in it but I think used sparingly it can be rather nice. I am planning to use it for the greenish/blueish circle in the drawing.
The other patterned fabric are all Kaffe Fassett and the base will be this gorgeous, gorgeous piece of rough old linen.

And this here is already the centre piece.

What do you think ?


  1. Love it! It sure socks a punch with that glorious orange but the linen turns it down a notch - can't wait to see more! Great fussy cut centre!

  2. Looks nice so far. Can't wait to see the finish.

  3. oh it's going to be stupendous

  4. Lovely bright fabrics. Like the simplicity of the design. Jxo

  5. Looks like its gonna be a beauty!

  6. It looks fabulous! I LOVE the Charlotte Sometimes pattern and I think it will be beautiful with Kaffe and linen :)

  7. love those fabrics, especially against that grey linen.

  8. I think this is going to look wonderful!


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