Friday 13 May 2011

Been knitting...

Just a little note to start the weekend. I bought some gorgeous wool in New York at Purl Soho. This shop did take me a little by surprise. I love their Purl Bee blog because it is so inspirational and the shop in Soho is fantastic for wool. I really saw wool there I have never seen elsewhere and that does mean something as I have been knitting since I was little. Not quite as manically as some years ago but I still have something to knit or crochet on all the time.

They also stock fabric but their selection didn't blow me away I must admit. But for wool - they are fantastic.

So bought Tosh Merino from Madeline Tosh to knit a baby blanket for my best friend Leigh's first baby that will arrive in July. The wool is hand dyed and comes in the most sumptuous colours. Here I went for four different greens and turquoise that blend together well. I am simply knitting it purl and blend in slowly each new colour. 

Happy crafty weekend.
PS. I don't forget one more day to enter my spectacular giveaway !!!



  1. I can't knit at all! This looks lovely though!

  2. Love the shades of blue and greens! Will make a wonderful baby blanket.

  3. Gorgeous wool and I am SO jealous. I would love go to Purl Soho. I browse the online shop lots but haven't ordered anything - mostly because I want it all and have a budget that doesn't stretch to all unfortunately. That blanket will be a beautiful present.


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