Sunday 10 April 2011

Look who's got a new skirt for Spring !!!

Couldn't help myself last night and quickly made this very simple over the knee skirt with the gorgeous Ruby Star Rising fabric, this time I used the "Vintage Ladies" in Orchre, aren't they fabulous !!

So here is the "Ladies" skirt

and here is the skirt together with legs and scratch on shin and funny looking knobbly knees

I used a Burda Pattern from their web side. You can find it here . It is not a free pattern but only costs a fiver. I lined the skirt to ensure it has a good fit. As this is cotton/linen fabric it may have a tendency to get wider over time. The beauty of this pattern is that front and back are cut on the fabric fold thus one only has seams at the sides which is advantageous when dealing with patterned fabric like this.


  1. Great little skirt - have some fabric in the post that I want to make into a patchwork skirt - may have to look up that Burda pattern...


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