Friday 8 April 2011

First quarter review

One can tell that I work in Finance as no one else in their right mind would call this gorgeous mosaic here "First Quarter review".

Last night I had a little think of what I have already crafter this past 3 month and actually was a bit surprised that it has been so much. I never make any specific resolution for the New Year other than that it is my goal to learn something new every year. Last Year I learned quilting and who knows what I will learn this year. Perhaps I finally will make my full motorcycle licence but I fear I will trade my scooter in for a big bike and that would not be good at all.

Anyway here is what I have achieved so far  this year. What have you created in the last 3 month ?


  1. Psssst, it's me back again. Put the 'r' in between the 'u' and the 'a' and then you'll be fine!!!

  2. Hey I married an accountant so I know where you are coming from. I'm just trying to finish up a pile of UFOs - what's that called in finance speak - bad debt I shouldn't wonder....?

    Well done for some wonderful FINISHED quilts!

  3. Well if we are talking financial speak...I am def "in the red". Good thing I am my own CFO LOL Maybe the second quarter will be better than the first...more time for my studio? One can hope.

  4. I am so impressed - wow! You`ve achieved so much and while working..umm, I`m nowhere near!

  5. Just had a proper look at your mosaic and absolutely adore the quilt with the bird fabric backing (which is fabulous) - is it Jane Brocket`s sampler quilt?


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