Tuesday 22 March 2011

Ohhh....see what arrived on my doorstep - Stash Note No. 8

...yesterday. My fabric for Lynn's QAL has already arrived thanks to a super speedy delivery from Noveltyquiltfabric. Thank you !!

Meet "Pure" from Sweetwater for Moda. Isn't it super gorgeous. I can feel a great quilt coming up (that is if I manage the Dresden plates.....)

Tataahhhhhhhhh !!!

Will start cutting into this gorgeousness as soon as the Single Girl Quilt is finished (Probably not before Sunday).


  1. Definitely beautiful. And looks even better in larger quantities (I've only ever had a layer cake)

  2. I think your dresdens will look wonderful in this!

  3. Please go check out my most recent blog post...something there for you

  4. oh my, this is gorgeous. I am not doing the quilt along with Lily's Quilts, but I will be following everyone else. So much beauty, already!


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