Tuesday 21 December 2010

Ruby Star Rising

Just wanted to ask if anybody else is as desperately waiting for Ruby Star Rising as I am ?
All over blogland people seem to be in the lucky postion to have gotten hold of samples of the line and producing lovely things with it too (film in the fridge, and  Oh Fransson) . I am insanely jealous and can't wait to get my hands on the fabric. It really is an incredible collection and screams all sorts but I think foremost it wants to be made into bags. Kokka are producing it in a gorgeous cotton/linen blend.

Hathorn Threads do have it under there 'coming soon section' for January but so far that is the only one I have seen. I refrain from posting pictures as I don't have any of my own for obvious reasons but the line can be seen on Melody Millers blog.

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  1. You can buy these fabrics at:


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