Saturday 6 November 2010

No 4 or 'Mod Aqua'

I love this fabric and the quilt and can't say it often enough but I won't bore you with endless repetitions. One morning some months ago when I checked my e-mail, delighted about the Hawthorn Threads newsletter, I spotted the new range of fabric from Robert Kaufman called 'Mod Green Pod Free to Grow' (what a Name !) and what can I say... I went right away onto the side and order copious amounts of it in the Aqua range. What I so love about this fabric is the wonderful combination of aqua, brown and yellow and also the slight retro feel to it.
I bought so much fabric that I made two enormous quilts of it. One of which is finished, the other one in waiting...(to be quilted).

For this quilt I chose the most simple design in order to showcase the fabric best. Basically  4 large pieces of fabric interrupted by a few yellow and brown strips.
Whilst the sewing of the quilt was rather easy and done in a couple of hours I spend more time on the quilting which is quite elaborate. I chose for each fabric a different quilt design that I thought suited the pattern of the fabric best. I quilted around the aqua flowers for example and also around the middle of the bloom. The large area of the petal fabric was free motion quilting that I simply drew on the quilt with a pen and then quilted along the drawn line. I also used three different colours of quilting yarn aqua, brown and yellow.
The quilt is rather heavily quilted and is therefore perfect for a bed spread.

Size: 205 cm square/86 inches square

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